Q: Does the CES Ultra cure COVID?

A.  No, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation does not cure COVID.  No cures by any means have been discovered.  CES is designed to improve some of the symptoms associated with long COVID, and to help the body attain a state whereby it can better heal itself.

Q: Why does CES Ultra require a medical prescription?

A. The CES Ultra Kit is classified by the FDA as a medical device. The FDA requires many medical devices to be prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner. The CES Ultra is a noninvasive external device which requires no intervention under the skin.

Q: What will I feel when using the CES Ultra?

A. Most users experience a mild sensation, especially on initial use.  Some people report tingling, or vibrating, or the sensation that it is falling off. Over multiple uses, the body will likely become accustomed to the stimulation and the sensation may seem to disappear.  This is not a problem.  The intensity setting can be left below sensation threshold or increased until the sensation reappears.  The sensation should never be set to an uncomfortable level. In CES treatment, more intense stimulation is not more effective stimulation.  The best level is one which is comfortable.

Q: How long is each treatment session?

A. Most frequently, sessions are 30-40 minutes, 2 or 3 times daily.  Your healthcare practitioner may recommend a different schedule of use.  Also, you may contact Dr. Stecker for his suggestions.

Q: How long will it take before I perceive a change in my symptoms?

A. Improvement is quite variable.  For some people, change occurs within 2-3 days, but it is more likely that significant improvement will be apparent in a matter of 1-4 weeks. If improvement doesn’t occur, please contact a healthcare practitioner to review your situation.

Q: Can I share my CES Ultra with others in my family?

A. The device is prescribed only for you, not for any others.  For some people using the CES Ultra device is inadvisable.  So, no, you should not share usage of the CES Ultra device with others.

Q: What scientific evidence supports using CES Ultra for health purposes?

A. The CES Ultra device stimulates the ascending vagus nerve system. The CES Ultra device manufacturer’s website and the other sites across the internet report numerous scientific studies showing that use of a CES device improves many symptoms, including anxiety and insomnia.  Mild electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve system has demonstrated improvement of symptoms associated with long COVID.    It is well known that reduction of anxiety and better sleep health contribute to an overall better sense of wellness and improvements of the immune system.

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