Cleared Long COVID Brain Fog

My Post-COVID Journey

In January 2022, I contracted COVID, and while I eventually tested negative, I developed persistent Long COVID symptoms. These included sinus and bronchial congestion, labored breathing, and an unrelenting cough. A CT Scan revealed chest inflammation with trapped mucus, leaving my lungs with the telltale “crystal glass beads,” a residue of COVID.

Upon recommendation from Dr. Stecker, I turned to the CES device to ease anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce bronchial inflammation. This non-invasive brain stimulation targets the vagus nerve.

Following my initial CES treatment, I experienced immediate calming and hours of uninterrupted sleep – a relief after weeks of anxiety, pain, and coughing. Continuing for three weeks yielded similar results, diminishing my cough and labored breathing. My pulse-ox readings improved to 98-99 from a lower range.

I hope this helps create wider awareness among COVID practitioners of CES’s benefits, not just for anxiety and insomnia, but also for Long COVID sufferers!

Karen S. Shoemaker

Helped Tremendously

Dr. Stecker is a kind and compassionate psychologist with great wisdom and understanding.  He attentively listened to my concerns (physical and psychological), and prescribed CES Ultra, that within days, dramatically decreased issues with stress, pain, and sleep. I can’t thank him enough for assisting my recovery from Long COVID and anxiety.

I would recommend his services to anyone in need struggling with Long COVID symptoms or interested in vagus nerve stimulation.


Panic Attacks Gone

The CES machine was a lifesaver for me! After enduring four debilitating Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) sessions, I was left malnourished and near death. Suffering from major depressive disorder and unresponsive to antidepressants, I turned to the CES machine a year ago. Following the cessation of ECT treatments, I used the CES machine daily to combat severe anxiety attacks.

During my first panic attack at home, the CES machine provided immediate relief, enabling me to breathe and relax. Since then, I’ve never experienced another anxiety or panic attack. Gradually, I extended usage from 30 minutes to five to six hours a day, helping me reduce and eventually eliminate antidepressant medication, which had troubling side effects.

Today, I rely on the CES machine for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Although not needing it as frequently, it remains my emotional anchor. The CES machine transformed my life, replacing medications with natural tranquility. If you’re battling anxiety, insomnia, or depression, give the CES machine a chance. Experience instant relaxation and commit to daily use—within weeks, you’ll witness remarkable physical, emotional, and spiritual improvements.

Sonja Mann

Brain Fog Cleared

I have suffered from Long COVID since December 2020 and had virtually lost hope of finding a resolution.  My sense of taste was gone, I had severe brain fog, my sleep was not restful, and I experienced fatigue all day, every day.  I had looked for help from my doctor, but couldn’t find it until I came across Dr. Stecker’s article. He said, with my symptoms, using the CES Ultra device 3 times a day would help. I was skeptical, but agreed to use the CES Ultra.

To my surprise, after several weeks using the CES Ultra device, I improved overall.  My brain fog cleared and my functioning increased. Inactivity was replaced with doing my daily chores, cooking and cleaning.  People said my lost sense of humor had come back a little.  I noticed I could sometimes taste what I ate.

It’s not 100% yet, but maybe 80% so far. While I continue to use the CES Ultra device, I can remain active. I now see hope of returning to my old self!


My Sleep is Now Sounder

As a builder/roofer, hunter, homesteader, woodsman, and wood craftsman, I lead an active lifestyle, even at age 51.

Several years ago, a barn collapsed on me, trapping me underneath, destroying my pelvis, lower back, and shoulders. It was so inflamed the doctors couldn’t do anything about it. After 3 months of antibiotics, I was able to have surgery.  I had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which stems from the lower spine. For years, the only thing that would help with the pain was narcotics, but I did not want to be reliant on the drugs anymore. I have used natural remedies too, but they don’t really touch the nerve pain.

Without narcotics I didn’t sleep much, and I was limited in how much physical labor I could do without being debilitated for the next two days.  My friend told me about the CES device and said it might help. I was wary of it, but figured I had nothing to lose.

I now use it every day.  What I found is that the CES takes away the burning sensation of my pain – kind of like putting a cold cloth on it. Also, the ringing in my ears from the nerve damage goes away. The CES is very helpful with my sleep. If I do have an active day and I wear the CES at night, I do not have muscle stiffness in the morning. My sleep is now sounder, and I can fall back to sleep if I do wake up. The CES allows me to do more of the work I love again and not be out for days afterward.

Randy Stannard

Post-COVID Symptoms Dissipated

The CES Ultra device has been central in my recovery process from the chronic post-COVID condition I have been managing since 2021. Within days of beginning 30 minutes a day use, symptoms of severe headaches and insomnia dissipated. Irregular heart rhythm first decreased and has since subsided. Continued use has also  contributed to decreases in chronic pain. My experience of its effectiveness indicates that abnormal nervous system activity is likely at the center of this syndrome and I continue to use the device on a daily basis as my health continues to improve. I would absolutely recommend anyone suffering from post-COVID symptoms use the CES Ultra device. It was a game changer for me!

Jason H.

Ending Long Covid CES Ultra Kit Woman